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It’s the third day of the New Year and I’m sure countless resolution-makers have already fallen off the dreaded wagon of attempted change. Unfortunately though, those of you who already have a regular gym habit will still have to wait in line for the elliptical for a few more weeks until those new gym members finally fall back to their safe world of lattes, Doritos, and denial.


My focus today is that I think you’re being too hard on yourself. Too many of us are being too hard on ourselves, so I have a suggestion that might appeal to some of you.

I am a resolution-maker. Always have been, always will be. I am a resolution-breaker. Always have been, always will be. Each year I do my best to find things to tweak or change, and I succeed with some and fail miserably with others. When I met my husband he introduced me to an “Intentions” list. I had to write down nine things in red pen and read them every day before rising, and every night before resting, for forty-eight days. Then on the forty-eighth day we drove to a flowing body of water, read it one more time and sent it off down the river or stream, so that it could be released to the universe. (That’s how he found me, you know. I was on his list.) I followed his lead for about five years, but it never felt right for me—it felt forced. There’s nothing wrong with doing it, it just wasn’t the right formula for me. I know that he was extremely disappointed in me the year I stopped, but we all have to find our own way and I think I made a valiant effort before ruling that method out. Now if only I had that kind of chutzpah to try new foods.


As I mentioned in last week’s blog, 2014 was a tough year for me. A year of many tests and much stress. As I wrapped up my final book fair in November, I began counting down the sleeps to my last day at work before Christmas vacation; I started to really focus on what I could do to make a significant shift in my life. I began to make lists in preparation of the inevitable New Year’s resolution-making deadline. Then, during my first two weeks away from work, I continued to scour the inner depths of my mind and soul to find what I could realistically tweak this year. The days kept ticking by and I started to panic as the last day of the year approached at Mach speed, and I had yet to have my Epiphany. Okay, I know the Epiphany is on January 6th, but I needed to have my Epiphany now, now, now!

Then it came to me. I was doing it all wrong for me.

Why should my “resolution fiscal year end” be December 31st? A lot of very successful corporations choose a date to suit their company’s timelines instead of the ever-so-popular December 31st. I am going to choose the year end that suits me.

I decided that my resolution fiscal year end will be the day that I was born.

My New Year’s resolution clock will start the day after I came into this world. Doesn’t that make far more sense? I think it does. You don’t renew and pay for more car insurance mid-year do you? No. You pay for twelve months and then renew it after twelve months. Then why should I cut my resolution fiscal year end short of its full twelve months?

I can almost hear the December-born slackers cheering right now at the realization that they can slack for one more year before they have to face their resolution year-end. Not so fast my friends. What it means is that you’re already behind a few days and better get cracking!

What does it mean for you folks born later in the year? Since I’m creating a revised New Year’s resolution movement, I would say that it means you should pick a couple small goals to achieve by your birthday so you can start with the big one(s) on your “resolution rebirthday.”

How does that sound? I seriously think I’m onto something. Add one more Veronicaism to the list—resolution rebirthday. Me likey!

As my forty-fifth birthday approaches (on a dumb ole boring Tuesday, I might add), I still have some things to flesh out; but my list is definitely getting there. I’ve started a few minor things already because I don’t want my resolution rebirthday to shock my system like the water at an annual Polar Bear Swim. (Which, I must add, was cancelled in our area this year due to liability concerns… Darn… guess I have to take that one off my list.)

Feel free to partake in all of the New Year’s sales and specials, and stuff your face with chocolate-covered Oreos without any guilt at all. Maybe wash it down with some Skinny Girl wine so that you don’t totally hate yourself in the morning; but go ahead and enjoy the rest of the holiday celebrations knowing that your resolution reboot day will be arriving when you’re good and ready.


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