Originally from British Columbia, Veronica Tanzen spent many years traveling and experiencing different countries and cultures. Although she called BC her home, she never truly felt as though she belonged there. It wasn’t until she followed her heart to a new city (on almost the opposite side of Canada), that she began to feel herself becoming the woman she was meant to be. Happily settled in Ontario since 2008, Veronica has never looked back, and can’t imagine living anywhere else (then again, a quaint beach-side home somewhere hot for the winter months is still not out of the question).

As a very shy and awkward child, Veronica spent far too much time daydreaming as her way of escaping her insecurities and “meh,” life. As someone who hears and speaks in pictures, those daydreams can be credited for helping hone her strong writing voice. Twenty years ago, Veronica began to discover that she had a knack for stirring up excitement, and infusing passion, into communities and corporations through their respective newsletters. It wasn’t until self-publishing her quirky and heartfelt memoir, Living Out Loud, that Veronica finally began to spread her wings as a writer.

As a devoted wife, mother and grandmother, Veronica’s passion towards strong and healthy relationships is what drives her to inspire others with her blogs and future books.

Welcome to the quirky world of Veronica Tanzen… pull up a chair and stay awhile.