A Mom Trifecta

Today is my day, you know. Yep. I am one of the many who have qualified to celebrate Mother’s Day. You might remember from last year, what my opinion is on Mother’s Day, so I don’t need to go into that again. Today, I’ve chosen to honor three moms. Although there are many wonderful women in my life who are moms, I’d like to dedicate this to Nicole, Laura, and Heather. The three who I think of as a Mom Trifecta.


We met in first grade and became inseparable until the day I moved away to study abroad for ninth grade. Up until that day, her parents were my surrogate parents, and her siblings were my honorary brother and sister. Nicole wasn’t just my best friend, she was my sister. As we grew older, our lives went in different directions, but we always seemed to keep in touch.


I first met Laura when she transferred to our school in sixth grade. She was tall like me (finally, I wasn’t the tallest in the class anymore), smart, and always positive. To be quite honest, in all the years I went to school with Laura, I cannot remember her ever uttering a single negative word about anyone, nor never not having a smile on her face. For those of you who knew Laura during school, if I’m remembering her incorrectly—shush—let me have my positive memories.


Her arrival at our school was the same story as Laura’s—they both transferred to our school for the French Immersion program. Heather’s best friend was Heather. Heather and Heather had polar opposite personalities, which is probably why they were such good friends. This Heather was like Laura—smart, always smiling, and always positive.

The men who gave the Mom Trifecta their titles

  • Nicole met her husband-to-be on a school trip. He was older by a couple years and they had many of the same interests. He lived about 30-minutes away from us, but had a cool car. He was her first and last boyfriend, and her one and only husband.
  • When Laura met her love, it was surrounded by scandal. Okay, maybe it wasn’t really scandalous, but it sure felt like it for us teenagers. Laura’s love interest was her manager at the fast food restaurant she worked at, and was… duhn duh-duhn duhn duuuuhhhnn… an older man! For all I know, he was only a year or two older than she was, but it was quite an exciting scenario for us teens at the time. To this day, he continues to be the only man Laura flips burgers for.
  • I’m not sure how Heather met her betrothed, but Heather and Heather went to prom with two brothers. This Heather decided to keep her prom date forever and ever. I can picture them donning their prom outfits each year and dancing under the moonlight while their kids make remarks about how corny they are. Maybe it’s never happened, but that’s the fantasy world I like to live in.

Honoring the Mom Trifecta

Why did I choose Nicole, Laura, and Heather to honor today? It’s simple—they are three women who I have envied in my adult years.

  • All met and married their true loves in high school
  • None have divorced
  • All had two children (I always wanted two kids)
  • All sew life and experiences into their children

I should probably come clean right now and state that I haven’t seen any of these women for at least a decade. The friendship I had with each of them is now just a Facebook friendship (and an annual holiday card from one or two of them).  I watch them raise their children on Facebook. It’s because of things like this, that I can continue to be a fan of Facebook (despite the fact, that I can’t even figure out how to “share” something on the damn site).

The bottom line of why I am honoring these women today is because of the last point listed above:

  • sewing life into their children.

I’m sure that the world of electronics is a part of their day-to-day, but they have continued to teach their children about family, not just cast them aside and let them play video games on the couch all day. They have taken the important role of wife and mother, and done them with grace, style, and commitment.

There are some days that I look at my husband and wish he could have been my high school sweetheart—that our children were ours. I wish I hadn’t been married twice before. I wish I hadn’t been a single mom. Given the opportunity, I know we could have been the type of parents that now-Veronica envies.

Apparently, I can’t turn back the hands of time. Even if I could, the chances of meeting my high school sweetheart (who lived on the other side of the country) are pretty slim. Hence, I must live in the now and accept the path that I chose to walk.

Since I cannot change the past, I will continue to live with the fullness I feel in my heart whenever I see the Mom Trifecta post updates on Facebook. It’s my opportunity to have a window into the lives of three women who, I believe, have done it right.

Happy Mother’s Day Nicole, Laura, and Heather.

May your example be what your children choose to follow when it is their turn to live, love, and become parents.


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