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      2. STRATEGY


        In March 2009, the company was established in wuhan, the city of beautiful jiangcheng, named wuhan hao te fluid equipment co., LTD.

        In March 2015, due to the need for market development, the company moved some business to the dongshantou industrial park in xiaogan district, xiaogan district, and established the filial piety branch.

        In December 2016, wuhanhao moved to xiaogan city as a whole, and established hao te (hubei) fluid technology co., LTD.

        In 2017 in the next 1-2 years, the company internal through comprehensive institutionalized management and standardized management, by expanding the production scale and establish and improve the network of direct sales and dealer network, comprehensive integration of industry resources, to lay a solid foundation for the company's future development, achievements dream one hundred enterprises.

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        Address: No. 1, east yamotou industrial park, dongshan tou industrial park, xiaogan city



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