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                Hao te (hubei) fluid technology co., LTD. Is located in the eight +1 city of wuhan, xiaogan district, xiaogan district, and 107 national highway (beijing-guangzhou line), han xiaogao high-speed rail throughout the whole country, convenient transportation. Beiyi fuhe river, south by the river, four cities tongchuang key planning ground. Enterprise since its inception, mainly engaged in dairy products, food beverages, condiments, fermentation engineering, biology pharmacy, health care products, fine chemicals and other light industrial machinery development and design, manufacture, sales and installation, commissioning one-stop service. It also provides all-round design and consulting services in the construction of new or expanded process layout and construction budget.

                Enterprise strong technical force, well-equipped, the introduction of high-quality talent, strengthen internal management, strictly adopted the ISO9000 international quality system organize production, testing, and constantly develop new products, to meet our customers needs. Now we have advanced imported welding, polishing and finishing equipment, CAM nc machining center, etc. Enterprise, keep the spirit of "seiko fine to do, dedicated hard", a common progress with all customers, and constantly improve, has accumulated a good equipment production technology at home and abroad, the multinational company's successful cooperation with many well-known enterprises experience and perfect after-sales service system and advanced scientific management idea. The company adheres to the path of science and technology, reuses high quality and advanced technology talents, strengthens the internal management of the enterprise, and constantly optimizes the product structure.

                It is the goal of the development of the market, integrity and mutual benefit. Willing to advanced technology, the price of products, perfect service, with domestic and foreign customers hand in hand, for the domestic and foreign food, biological pharmacy, chemical industry to provide better equipment and better service.

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        Address: No. 1, east yamotou industrial park, dongshan tou industrial park, xiaogan city



        Sales hotline:13971090905 13907125200

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