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LOL: Living Out Loud

When Veronica first clicked on those two fateful words, “create profile,” she did so with shaky hands and an equally shaken heart. She had no clue what kind of a roller coaster she had just strapped herself into, complete with highs, lows, and stomach-churning turns. The problem was, she had just gotten off another very bumpy ride, and was unsure that she had the strength to embark on this new path.

Living Out Loud takes you on a fresh and quirky ride through one woman’s attempt to master the science of cyber-dating, while navigating her way down the road to finding true love. Start with a one-conflicted, twice-divorced single mother, toss in some humorous self-discovery, sprinkle in a smattering of questionable dating profiles, and wrap it all up in a very colorful package that will make you want to laugh, cry, and strive to live your own life out loud.