Simple yet Important Ways to Win Over INFJs

As featured at Lifehack

As a passionate student of life, I am always over-the-moon when a new method of verbalizing our many unique personality traits is made public. Two of my favorite analyses have been thanks to The 5 Love Languages and Your Personality Tree. I have read those two books numerous times over the past two decades, and can give them credit for how I communicate and relate with others in my adult years. Needless to say, I was excited and in awe at the accuracy of the lengthy results of my latest personality trait findings: I am an INFJ.

Originating from the findings of Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, the 16 Personalities test allowed me, for the first time in my life, to be proud of a personality which had always been labeled as shy, awkward, and even snobbish. Little did those around me know, I was dying to be understood and accepted. As an adult, I have often referred to my adolescent and teen years as having been “God’s little joke.” Why else would He formulate a human concoction to be a pale-skinned, freckle-faced, redhead, who couldn’t even raise her hand in class to answer a question. Little did I know that there was a beast brewing inside of me—a force to be reckoned with—a diva of creativity and passion.

Not only am I an INFJ, but INFJ’s actually only make up one percent of the population. Like the Amur leopard, I am a rarity. I am special. I have read many articles stating that redheads will be extinct one day, so, as a redheaded INFJ, I wonder if I could now be categorized (like the Amur leopard) as an endangered species. Let’s be honest, how many redheaded INFJs do you think are on this earth?

Melene McAlmont’s infographic below (as featured at Sensitive New World), will give you a quick snapshot of how to get one of the most unique personalities into your arsenal of friends. With an INFJ in your corner, you will officially have the tools to take on the world!

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