eHarmony Campaign: #DefineLoveIn5Words

Recently, the folks at eHarmony reached out to me and asked if I’d like to participate in their current campaign of #DefineLoveIn5Words. How could I, Veronica—The Queen of Oooshie Gooshie Hopeless Romanticism—resist such a request?

Back about a year and a half ago, I chimed in on another hashtag trend: #MyLoveLifeIn3Words. It was quite a difficult exercise, but when the most recent request came in, I thought that I was far more seasoned with my view on love and romance, and would find it easy to write down five words about love.

Guess again.

Other than a couple examples from eHarmony, I chose not to look at the trending hashtag responses, so that I could come up with my own (without outside influence). My husband’s not home either, so I can’t even ask him for help—so I’m really going to have to stretch my lovey-dovey wings right now.

With so many aspects of a successful relationship that should be highlighted, is it possible to break it down to just five words? If you have ever truly been in love, you should have hundreds of words spinning inside your brain right now.

But enough chatter. Let me give it a whirl.

Instead of just five random words, I chose to focus on 5-word actions:

  • Feeling safe with your partner
  • Loving every quirk they have
  • Feeling butterflies in your stomach
  • Looking forward to seeing them
  • Never needing to be right
  • Always being their loudest cheerleader
  • Loving to breathe them in
  • Tingles all over your body
  • Enjoying doing absolutely nothing together
  • Enjoying doing absolutely everything together
  • Feeling breathless when they smile
  • Not needing to always talk
  • Able to talk for hours
  • Smiling every time they text
  • Holding hands in the car
  • Holding hands in the park
  • Holding hands everywhere you go
  • Wishing the kiss never ended
  • Making love—making true love

I have yet to have five words pop into my head that cause me to say, “Great Scott! That’s it! Those are the five words that truly define love to me!” But I will keep thinking, and striving (and loving) in order to do so.

As for five “random” words, which I feel are the cornerstone to a strong and loving relationship? I think they would have to be:

  1. Honesty
  2. Humor
  3. Humility
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Respect

Honesty, humor, and humility are what I have previously referred to as my “Three H’s.” They are what I consider to be three of the most important traits a couple must have in order to succeed in their relationship.

One final note on how I define love. I define love by being able to—no matter how adverse a situation, or how upset or disappointed you are in your partner—always remembering why you fell in love with them in the first place.

I believe that the “white noise” of our lives is what can cause our love to deteriorate. So my final five words are:

Never let white noise win.

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