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        CIP cleaning system

                CIP cleaning means not decomposing production equipment, and it can be used to clean the system safely and automatically with simple operation method, which is applicable to all food, beverage and pharmaceutical factories. CIP cleaning not only washes the machine, but also controls the microbe. There are two ways to control CIP system: manual control and automatic control.

        The CIP cleaning device has the following advantages:

        1. Able to rationalize production plan and improve production capacity.

        2. Compared with hand washing, not only does not affect the cleaning effect due to the difference of operators, but also improves the quality of the products.

        3. It can prevent the danger of cleaning operation and save labor.

        4. Energy saving cleaning agent, steam, water and production cost.

        5. Can increase the service life of the machine parts.

                CIP cleaning effect: the chemical energy of the mechanism is mainly produced by the chemical reagent, which is the most important factor to determine the washing effect. The general manufacturer may choose detergent based on the nature and degree of the cleaning object, the material, water quality, cleaning method, cost and safety. Common detergents are acid, alkaline detergents and sterilized detergent.

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