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        Yogurt fermentation system

                Yogurt fermentation tank fermentation system, dairy products, alcohol fermentation is a process of sterile, no pollution, fermentation tank used the sterile system, avoid and prevent the contamination of microorganism in the air, greatly extend the shelf life of your products and the integrity of the product, we specially designed installed on the tank sterile sterile positive pressure breathing pores or fermentation system. The tank can be heated or cooled by heating or cooling medium with a milo plate or a labyrinth jacket. The capacity of the starter can vary from 300 to 50000L. Fermentation tanks can be divided into biological fermentation tanks, beer fermentation tanks and wine fermentation tanks. The starter can be widely used in dairy products, beverage bioengineering, pharmaceutical, fine line chemical industry and other industries. The tank has a sandwich, insulation layer, heating, cooling and heat preservation. Tanks and filling head up and down (or prototype) adopt spinning R Angle processing, the inner wall of the tank by the mirror polishing processing, no health dead Angle, and totally enclosed design to ensure that the material has always been a pollution-free mixing, fermentation, under the condition of equipment is equipped with air breathing hole, CIP cleaning nozzle and manhole device, etc.

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