Lately, I don’t get to see my granddaughter as often as I’d like (she’s very popular, so her dance card is quite full), but I always make sure to inhale every second I can when I am with her. I still sit and look at her in wonder… in awe. […]

Grandparenting: You had your turn!

As I get to know my granddaughter more and more, it becomes screamingly obvious that she is nothing like my daughter. My daughter was the most even-tempered child I’ve ever known—no tantrums, no tears, no defiance—nothing. I have always said that she spoiled me to the point where I don’t […]

The Terrible Twos: Myth or Fact?

Today is my day, you know. Yep. I am one of the many who have qualified to celebrate Mother’s Day. You might remember from last year, what my opinion is on Mother’s Day, so I don’t need to go into that again. Today, I’ve chosen to honor three moms. Although […]

A Mom Trifecta

I think it would be safe to assume that the vast majority of parents want to give their children the healthiest environment possible to grow up in. I’m not just referring to wide open spaces to run and play, flora and fauna, cultural attractions, or public playgrounds—I’m referring to an […]

WTF Did My Child Just Say?!?!

As promised in my When NOT to Apologize to Your Kids blog last week, I wanted to touch on “labels.” We all carry many labels. I’ll use my husband as an example: Husband Father Son Grandfather Handyman Those are the some of the obvious labels he wears during his day-to-day, […]

Check the Label on Your Child

Last weekend, I came across a link to an article regarding the importance of apologizing to your kids. I favorited it to read today. After discovering that I had not actually clicked the cute little red heart Twitter icon, I performed a general search for “apologizing to your kids,” but […]

When NOT to Apologize to Your Kids